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Ziva's Wrestling Lesson

We open with both wrestlers in the ring. Ziva is pacing back and forth in her corner, while Ryan calmly leans on the ropes in her own corner. The bell rings us to action as Ziva advances toward the center. Ryan doesn’t move. “You’ve made a very, very big mistake,” Ryan says with a smile, as she continues to slowly circle the ring. “When I heard you’d asked for me, I presumed you wanted to train.” “Train??” Ziva snorts, “I am trained. I’m here to pin you or make you submit, whichever comes first. I’m a wrestler.” “And apparently one who makes very poor choices,” Ryan laughs. Ziva tries to take control but only ends up getting alesson in wrestling from the more experienced Ryan. Poor Ziva is subjected to a hammerlock, snap mare, single leg scissor, body scissor, a figure four leg lock, a full nelson, and a knockout cobra clutch. When Ziva wakes up she thinks she’s alone and tries to escape the ring only to be pulled into an over the knee backbreaker followed by a tight reverse head scissor! Little Ziva is finally pinned in a grapevine pin and humiliated with a school girl victory pose as Ryan takes yet another victory!

Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 01Click here for our video teaser!Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 01Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 02Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 03Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 04Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 05Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 06Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 07Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 08Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 09Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 10Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 11Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 12Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 13Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 14Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 15Ziva's Wrestling Lesson - 16

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