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Battling Bootie Babes

Two sexy female wrestlers pass in front of the camera and enter the squared circle. They take opposite corners then taunt each other. Persephone vows to squash Stevie with her butt while Stevie promises to destroy Persephone with hers. They meet in the center of the ring and the battle is on! Stevie takes an early lead with a handstand reverse head scissor on the black-haired girl then Persephone turns the tables and slams her legs around Stevie’s neck in a reverse corner head scissor. The battle rages on … with an emphasis on scissors and fishnet-clad booties. After a lengthy bootie battle the girl wrestlers end up in a double reverse figure four head scissor hold! They struggle and scream until one pair of thighs squeezes one of the girls into a sleepy slumber. The winner poses in several positions and confirms, “Looks like my bootie bashed your bootie!”

Battling Bootie Babes - 01Click here for our video teaser!Battling Bootie Babes - 01Battling Bootie Babes - 02Battling Bootie Babes - 03Battling Bootie Babes - 04Battling Bootie Babes - 05Battling Bootie Babes - 06Battling Bootie Babes - 07Battling Bootie Babes - 08Battling Bootie Babes - 09Battling Bootie Babes - 10Battling Bootie Babes - 11Battling Bootie Babes - 12Battling Bootie Babes - 13Battling Bootie Babes - 14Battling Bootie Babes - 15Battling Bootie Babes - 16

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