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Three Rounds of Wrestling: Round One

Three Rounds of Wrestling: Round One

Hi, this is Kat and I've been asked to write down my memories of a recent wrestling match I had against Becca. I thought I'd also try to give you all a little insight into what it's like entering the ring to go body to body against another girl.

I'll start out by saying that I've been in the ring against Becca before but each time I climb in I feel more experienced. I've lost more than I've won and the excitement of getting a new victory always makes it fun.

I'll start my story at a point that few of you get to witness … getting dressed for a match. Sometimes I bring a bikini that I like and sometimes the producer chooses the outfits. For my match against Becca the producer picked out some really retro style outfits. I wasn't around in the eighties but I've seen photos of the old G.L.O.W. wrestlers dressed in tiny leotards and tights. I was excited to see the thong leotard and shiny tights that were laid out for me in the dressing room! Yes, my entire body was covered but I felt really sexy because of the way the outfit hugged my skin. And I'll admit that although I was getting ready to fight against another girl I was looking forward to doing it while wearing this hot outfit!

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The next part of my story is about the entrance. Standing behind the curtain … my opponent standing there also … makes things a little tense. We usually don't speak to each other because we're spending our thoughts on our strategies of the upcoming match.

My name got called first and I made my way to the ring. To be honest, this is my favorite part. I know that all eyes are on me as I walk to the ring. I like to think of the wrestling ring as the heart of the upcoming battle. The ropes are like a little cage where only one girl will leave when it's all done. The following contest will take place in there, whether it involves me putting pain on the other girl or me on the receiving end of a beating. Yeah, I always know that I might lose and with that loss comes some pretty humiliating stuff! But as I climb into the ring I'm thinking about what I'm going to be doing to the other girl, not about what she's going to be doing to me.

As I stand in my corner I watched Becca make her entrance. Seeing my opponent approaching the ring always gets me going. I watch the way she walks, I watch the look in her eyes, I look for any signs of weakness. And I look at her as if she were my prey! For this particular wrestling match I look at Becca and think, "I wonder if she'll look so pretty when she's stomping the mat in pain!"

Finally the bell rang and we came forward to begin our wrestling match. This particular match was a best of three rounds match and I wanted to beat her quickly and prove my dominance in the ring.

As we circled, I was looking for a chance to jump her and go for a wrist lock but the blond was faster and before I knew it, had me in a headlock. I was surprised and a little frustrated that she got to me first! There wasn't much I could do because she held my head tight against her body. I tried to get her to loosen her grip and was focused on that when all of a sudden she dropped to the mat, dragging me down and falling on top of me!

I was a bit winded from her weight and the tightness of the headlock. It's funny though … only a few seconds ago I was standing in the corner planning to attack her and now there I was, laying on my back with the girl's body all over mine!

Suddenly I saw an opening. My left arm was free so I grabbed her under the chin and managed to force her head back. The sudden move allowed me to get my right hand up and put maximum pressure on her face as I forced her back. I opened my legs and wrapped one of them around her neck to yank her further back and into a side head scissors.

I was finally free to lay back and apply pressure on the blond. This is what I love about wrestling! Watching her facial reactions when she's in trouble … watching her desperately kick her legs and pry at my body to escape.

But with wrestling comes frustration! The feeling of superiority faded quickly when Becca managed to roll to the side and move her body down by my boots. Before I could do anything she was popping her head free and spinning me to my belly by the ankles!

I went from dominant to submissive in a matter of minutes as the girl put my legs in a leg lock and began applying pressure! I couldn't help it but I actually cried out in pain! I tried to reach back to grab her but she kept herself out of my reach.

I've got to admit that this girl was smart! She rotated her body and ended up sitting on my back to yank even harder on the leg lock! She even managed to pull so hard that my legs were lifted into the air a bit and my back began to sting!

One of the worst parts of wrestling is when you've been hurt to the point that you can't attack while the other girl is moving to a new hold. My legs were already sore and it felt so good when Becca released the hold that I could only think about the relief. But a smart wrestler keeps going and I was obviously in a match against a smart girl!

She rolled me over onto my back, stood up, and began to apply pressure to my right leg with a cross over toe hold! At this point my legs were hurting like crazy! I didn't even remember how I was using them to nearly strangle this girl a few minutes ago!

I slapped the mat in pain while the blond enjoyed her dominant position. She looked down at me and said, "I think I've got this round, honey!" and before I knew what was happening, my legs were being wrapped up in hers.

I had always heard about the figure four leg lock but I've never seen it done. And I've never experienced such pain! This girl had my legs wrapped up tight and was using her own legs to apply pressure. My left ankle was right on top of my right knee and the two bones were being crushed together! I tried desperately to push her legs off but it was hopeless! This girl had gotten me to a point of no return and the worst part of it was that this hold pitted her leg strength against mine … and mine lost.

I had no choice but to frantically wave my arms in submission! "I QUIT! I GIVE UP!" I screamed!

Then came the part I hate most about wrestling … me laying on the mat in pain while my opponent mocks me with a victory pose over me.

But I at least had the chance to get her back but now I had to beat her in two more rounds while all she had to do was beat me one more time. Well, I'll be rested and ready for her in round two …