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Bella Meets Stevie

Bella Ink never seems to have much luck against our outstanding FWR wrestlers so when she recently had a match against Stevie she decided to try and sway things in her favor by secretly spiking Stevie’s water! But alas, Stevie was watching from the distance and switched the bottle with a clean one right before the match. The rules were simple, they would wrestle in a 30 minute time limit submission match. If a girl submits she must put a mark on the marker board under the winner’s name. Stevie proceeds to totally dominate and humiliate Bella with grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins, a camel clutch, hammerlocks, a surfboard, a figure four head scissors, and several other painful holds. Bella tries to cheat a few times but Stevie simply over powers her and make her scream out her submissions over and over! In the end poor Bella is humiliated, broken, and forced to parade around the ring holding the marker board high above her head. Enjoy!

Bella Meets Stevie - 01Click here for our video teaser!Bella Meets Stevie - 01Bella Meets Stevie - 02Bella Meets Stevie - 03Bella Meets Stevie - 04Bella Meets Stevie - 05Bella Meets Stevie - 06Bella Meets Stevie - 07Bella Meets Stevie - 08Bella Meets Stevie - 09Bella Meets Stevie - 10Bella Meets Stevie - 11Bella Meets Stevie - 12Bella Meets Stevie - 13Bella Meets Stevie - 14Bella Meets Stevie - 15Bella Meets Stevie - 16Bella Meets Stevie - 17Bella Meets Stevie - 18Bella Meets Stevie - 19Bella Meets Stevie - 20

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