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The Stronger Sex

This amazingly creative five-part custom POV features you, as Becca’s boyfriend, and the always lovely Becca! Part one has you and Becca sitting at the dining room table. She’s reading an article that says in 10% of young couples the woman is stronger than the man. You both engage in an arm wrestling match that Becca easily wins. The second part is a boxing match in the gym where you both start with a belly punching contest with an outcome that we all know. It continues with a spirited boxing match that Becca also wins as she beats you down and teases you throughout. The third part is a wrestling match that Becca doesn’t want to do even though you sucker punch her! A scissors, school girl pin, and kick to the jaw bring her an easy win. Part four has you very angry and angry as you shadow box in front of the ring. You’re looking for a fist fight with Becca and when she arrives she angrily slaps the crap out of you! Becca tells you to go do the dishes before going to bed and leaves in a huff. The final part shows you as a total submissive, dusting the shelves and serving Becca a cup of coffee as she reclines on the couch. She gives you several hard kicks to the jaw when the coffee is too sweet. In the end she makes you her foot rest as she reclines with her drink.

The Stronger Sex - 01Click here for our video teaser!The Stronger Sex - 01The Stronger Sex - 02The Stronger Sex - 03The Stronger Sex - 04The Stronger Sex - 05The Stronger Sex - 06The Stronger Sex - 07The Stronger Sex - 08The Stronger Sex - 09The Stronger Sex - 10The Stronger Sex - 11The Stronger Sex - 12The Stronger Sex - 13The Stronger Sex - 14The Stronger Sex - 15The Stronger Sex - 16The Stronger Sex - 17The Stronger Sex - 18The Stronger Sex - 19The Stronger Sex - 20

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