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The Girls Next Door

If you're a fan of women's wrestling, you've no doubt imagined those two girls who live on your block stepping into the squared circle! They aren't glamour models or West Coast divas, they're natural beauties who look cute without all the glitter. They wouldn't wear flashy pro wrestling outfits and shiny wrestling boots. They would wear simple bathing suits like they would wear at the local swimming pool.

With little fanfare, they would quietly enter the ring and take their places in opposite corners, waiting for the bell to ring.

They meet in the center of the ring, each girl not really knowing much about wrestling. But that doesn't matter because this is YOUR fantasy! Who will you want to see win? Who do you think is going to get put into the wrestling holds that you want to see?

The bell finally rings.

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From your experiences with these girls in your neighborhood you know that the smaller girl is sweet and friendly while the taller girl tends to be more business oriented. So as your wrestling match begins you imagine the taller girl attacking the bikini clad girl from behind.

The surprised girl is easily pulled from the corner by her hair, and soon finds herself an easy target for the larger girl's fist!

Falling to the canvas, the cutie suddenly gets put into an interesting hold that totally immobilizes and humiliates her!

It's surprising how the taller girl dominates her foe, keeping her off guard and working on her slowly and methodically. She pulls the other girl up and puts her in a wristlock.

The girl in green continues to work on the arm of her opponent, moving from the wrist lock to a hammerlock. The smaller girl is helpless, not knowing what to do in this wrestling match.

The poor little girl gets her head yanked back by the hair as her attacker looks her in the eyes. The girl in green is obviously a person who loves to be in charge. When she finally releases the girl in the bikini, she suddenly drops her with a karate chop.

You start to feel bad for the girl in blue. She always greets you with a nice smile as she walks her dog in the neighborhood and now she's grimacing in pain as the other girl works her over in the wrestling ring!

In a flash, the little girl finds her head caught between the thighs of her opponent. She seems totally outclassed by the tough female.

Enjoying the humiliating effects of the headscissor hold, the girl in green repositions herself to put her foe in a reverse scissors. Her long, strong thighs crushing the face of the smaller girl.

The taller and more dominant girl gets careless while she holds the smaller girl in the scissors. She drops her head and suddenly the little cutie brings her own legs up and wraps them around her foe's head!

Even though the girl in green is an attractive woman, you've always had a bit of a crush on the smaller girl. In your fantasy you're glad to see that the bikini clad beauty has taken control, rolling over on top and sitting up to trap the other girl beneath her. A hard punch to the belly stuns the babe!

Moving fast so that she keeps the advantage, the girl in blue works on her opponent's head. She gives her a good squeeze then grabs her and yanks!

It becomes evident that the tall girl can dish it out but can't take it! The sudden domination from the little cutie has the girl in green stunned. She's easily pulled back to her feet and placed into the corner for a nasty choke hold!

The choke hold leaves the beauty in a groggy state. Propped in the corner, she moans weakly as the redhead goes to the far corner to seal her fate.

You secretly cheer as your favorite "girl-next-door" flies across the ring and delivers a spectacular body splash on the helpless girl!

The beauty in green stands there for a second, her eyes glazing over and her head rolling slightly. The body splash took all the fight out of her ... along with her oxygen. She staggers forward a few steps and falls face down on the mat. The girl in the blue bikini steps aside and enjoys her handiwork.

Your fantasy wrestling match has finally come to a close, but you definitely want to enjoy the final count out and victory poses by the smaller beauty. The girls from your neighborhood gave you the wrestling match that you've always wanted to see and while one girl had to lose, you'll always be able to imagine another match with a different outcome! Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the final scene.