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Squeezed by Madison

* Producer's Note: After a recent wrestling match between Maryjane and Madison where tiny Maryjane was TOTALLY dominated by Madison's muscular thighs, we decided to show the photos to Maryjane and ask her some questions about the match. What you read below are the actual answers that Maryjane wrote herself:

FWR: At the beginning of your wrestling match, when you were standing back to back with Madison, you looked nervous. What was going through your mind?

Maryjane: I was quite nervous actually. I know Madison has much more experience than I do and was nervous to see what kind of holds she would use on me especially since her body is super muscular.

FWR: The bell rang and you turned to begin the match. Did you expect Madison to attack so quickly?

Maryjane: I was shocked with how fast she attacked me at the beginning of the match. I thought she would eye me up and down to see what her best move would be, but she just went right for it. I guess she already knew what a belly punch would do to me.  

FWR: Madison began her head scissor domination of you by yanking your head into her thighs while standing in front of you. What were you thinking at this point?

Maryjane: I was very surprised with how strong her thighs were when they were clenched around my ears. I could barely make out what she was saying at that point. I tried wiggling out of it but she would just hold tighter and I became weaker and weaker. 

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FWR: At this point Madison dropped down to the mat with your head still trapped. She repositioned herself several times as you struggled in her grip. Why didn't you try to escape?

Maryjane: In those positions she actually had a better grip on my neck and head, so it was very hard to even move at all. The only part of me that I could move was my legs and I wasn't able to do much with them to try and escape.

FWR: We've heard from other girls that Madison's reverse head scissors is the most constrictive on the face. Do you think the same thing? And why?

Maryjane: I think Madison's reverse head scissors are definitely the most constrictive on my face compared to other holds she did on me. With this scissor she was actually holding me down to the mat with her body as well. It was very difficult because her thick, strong thighs would clench each time I moved which also made it more strenuous on my breathing. I was nearly ready to tap out of this hold.

FWR: At one point while trapped in her reverse scissors you tried to get her to release you by pulling her hair. Did you think it would work? Can you describe what happened to stop you from succeeding?

Maryjane: I was definitely hoping that pulling her hair would help, but instead of gaining anything on her it put her in the perfect position to punch me in the belly. After the first punch to my belly I couldn't take any more hits to my poor belly so I had to release her hair immediately.

FWR: Madison started getting creative with her scissors holds by getting you to your knees and causing you to get bent backwards while staring up at her butt. What thoughts were running through your mind?

Maryjane: This was actually one of the most excruciatingly painful scissors she did on me. With this scissors she was stretching my belly as much as possible after she just punched me with all her might in the scissors before this one. This hold was extremely hard on my breathing considering every time I would move it would be more strenuous on my belly. I could barely handle moving in this hold at all, so I just waited for her to change it up to try to gain anything on her.

FWR: She spun around really quickly while still keeping you on your knees and caused you to be forced to look up into her eyes while she smiled and laughed. Was this more painful than the other position?

Maryjane: This was painful, but not nearly as painful as the one with her toned butt in my face. This one was a little easier on my stomach as she would forget to hold my neck tightly as she was taunting me. While she was taunting me I was able to catch my breath some, but not as much as I wish I could have.

FWR: At this point, Madison grabbed you by the hair and pulled you over to the corner where she wrapped her thighs around your head for more punishment. We're curious how the girls feel about how they're dressed for these matches. You and Madison were wearing very small string bikinis. When you're being dominated like this does the outfit that you're wearing make you feel more humiliated or don't you even think about it?

Maryjane: When I'm winning the matches in these skimpy little bikinis, I have no problem with it, but when I am being dominated it is actually humiliating because you don't have any time to fix or readjust your suit. Sometimes I actually end up falling out of the little suits, which is incredibly embarrassing.

FWR: Madison had you on your knees in the corner and used only one of her legs to put a grip on your neck. Did you think she was just playing with you at this point?

Maryjane: Yes, I believe she was. I was in the middle of trying to get up, but with how exhausted I was I could barely get to my feet before she put this hold on me. She continued to taunt me as well, which was more than a pride killer for me. 

FWR: Madison suddenly grabbed you and flipped you upside down to hang by your knees on the corner ropes while pulling you up into another creative head scissors. What were your thoughts during this?

Maryjane: She was literally just putting me how ever she wanted me by this time. I was to my breaking point here. I was tired and exhausted from all the holds plus those few punches to my belly were more than I could have taken for the day. I was just being thrown around like a rag doll. To make it easier on myself I didn't fight back as much, so maybe by the end I would have enough energy to at least take her down once. 

FWR: You were then dragged over to the ropes and edge of the ring where Madison dominated you in several positions. Some of the positions had you looking up at her butt and others had you looking up into her eyes. Can you describe the different positions and tell us if any of them were the most painful or humiliating?

Maryjane: The position where she had me on the rope was one of the most painful ones. My back kept rubbing against the rope and it was very painful on my shoulders and neck. The positions where she had me hanging off of the matt weren't bad at all, other than her thick thighs pressing against my little head, but my shoulders and neck finally had a break. 

FWR: Madison dragged you into the center of the ring for a traditional side head scissors. After all of the previous scissors did you wish this match was over or did you still think you would be able to escape and make a comeback?

Maryjane: By this point of the match I knew she was just trying to humiliate me and I had to take it. I was limp at this point and could barely keep myself standing. She was just positioning me easily into these positions and she would just keep asking me if I wanted her to stop. Which I did, but her saying it over and over again was annoying, since she wouldn't stop. 

FWR: At this point, Madison did another one legged scissors on your neck. She did one while leaning back to put her full weight on your head and then repositioned herself so that she was laying forward and pulling up hard on her ankle. What thoughts did you have?

Maryjane: I had no idea what this position was when she put me into it, but I was not relaxed what so ever when I figured out how tight her thick thigh was when it was pushed against my head. It was extremely painful and I was dizzy very fast into the hold. I wanted to tap out, but didn't have enough strength to tap her to let me go out of the hold.

FWR: The end finally came when Madison trapped you in her powerful figure four reverse head scissors. This move obviously causes your face to literally be buried deep in her thighs and butt. Did you know that the end was coming soon? Can you describe the feeling of having Madison's thighs wrapped so tightly around your head?

Maryjane: I could not believe how strong Madison's legs were around my neck at this point. It was incredibly scary, especially when I started to fade out. I was panicked beyond belief, but could not keep my eyes open after her holding me so tightly with her thick strong legs against  my ears and neck for so long. I could barely hear her taunting me towards the end of this.

FWR: Your arms dropped to the mat and we could tell that you had lost consciousness from the pressure of Madison's reverse head scissors. Is it possible to describe what happens when you slowly get knocked out in a head scissors hold? Did you realize that Madison continued to hold your head tightly while doing muscle poses for the camera?

Maryjane: Madison was actually teasing me as she would squeeze super tight with her bare thighs pressing against my neck and ears and would release a small amount of pressure so she could still see my eyes. She finally pressed so hard with her thighs on my cheeks that I started feeling tingly all over and then my eyes started to go blurry. The last thing I remember was the view of her butt then I was unconscious.  I had no idea until I saw the pictures that she was showing her muscle poses. In some of the pictures my eyes were somewhat open, but I don't recall her posing on top of me.

FWR: After moving to a school girl pin position, Madison tapped your face to wake you up. What did you think when you slowly woke up to be looking up into her eyes and feeling the pressure of her body on you? Did it take long to remember what had happened? And how did you feel while being forced to watch helplessly while the girl on top of you did her victory poses over you?

Maryjane: I could not remember what had happened when she finally woke me up. I was very distraught and it was surprisingly hard to breathe with her pushing her soft bubble butt on my chest. It was very humiliating having her do a victory pose while I was awake. After she left the ring, I got myself up very slowly and as soon as I was able to move around I got dressed and left. I didn't say one word to anyone as I left that day. I was more than humiliated.

FWR: Do you have any final thoughts on your wrestling match against Madison? 

Maryjane: I don't know if I ever want to face her again! She seemed like a friendly and kind of innocent girl when we met for the first time. She had on baggy sweats and I kinda thought that she would be an easy match. But when she was dressed in that bikini and I realized how toned her body was ... and later found out how strong her thighs were ... I really regret feeling so confident. She totally made me her play thing!