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Socked in the Puss - Part one

Nikki and Misha were hanging around in the studio one afternoon (in some killer outfits, of course). Misha brought up their recent video called "Squeezed By Nikki", in which Nikki squeezed the stuffing out of Misha in the ring. "You really had me in that match!" said the
brunette beauty.

Nikki smiled back and said, "Yeah ... ha ha ... I enjoyed that match! It's nice that see that we're still friends. That's what's cool about rasslin' with you ... you understand about how someone's gotta be the winner and someone's gotta be the loser."

"Oh sure ... no hard feelings." Misha responded.

And that's when the carnage began! Misha's long leg shot upward, smacking Nikki right in the chin!

"Yep! No hard feelings at all. We're friends! But I think we need to rethink who the better
fighter is." Misha said as she clamped her stocking clad ankles around Nikki's neck.

"What ... are ... you ... doing? Aawk!" coughed Nikki.

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