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Slams, Spins, & Pins XI

In our 11th episode of the Slams, Spins, & Pins series, Kat takes on newcomer Persephone! While Persephone wasn’t able to body slam Kat, she made up for it with several intense snap mares. But Kat had a lot of fun SLAMMING Persephone to the mat to weaken her! The girls start off with an Indian Leg Wrestling contest that wasn’t scripted then followed up with a best 4 out of 7 falls wrestling match. The girls each got their fair share of pins and enjoyed using lots of side head scissors on each other. They also used head locks, hammer locks, belly punches, cobra clutches, full nelsons, body scissors, a grapevine pin, a step-over toe hold, and of course tons of airplane spins and cross body pins. In the end Kat takes the win but when Persephone tells her she got lucky, Kat slapped a Boston crab on the smaller girl to get a screaming submission! You’ll love this match-up of beautiful female wrestlers!

Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 01Click here for our video teaser!Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 01Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 02Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 03Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 04Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 05Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 06Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 07Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 08Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 09Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 10Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 11Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 12Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 13Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 14Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 15Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 16Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 17Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 18Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 19Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 20Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 21Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 22Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 23Slams, Spins, & Pins XI - 24

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