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Scarlett's First Pro Match: Part One

Hi, I’m Scarlett and I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling for as long as I can remember. I thought it would be so cool to do it but I never thought I’d actually be involved in a match.

That all changed one day when one of my friends told me about a place that films female wrestling and pays the girls! I needed the money because I had just lost my job so I contacted them to see if I could try out.

Within a week I found myself standing in a wrestling ring wearing an outfit that the company had given me. I thought that I’d be wearing something less revealing though but like I said, I needed the money. 

As I stood in my corner I tried to remember all the pro wrestling moves that I learned from watching it on TV but all I could think of was that chick standing opposite me looking really calm.

A bell rang and a girl in a referee uniform entered the ring. A man outside the ring gave the rules: The first girl to get five knockouts followed by five pins would be the winner.

Wait! Knockouts? I never saw anything like that on my TV wrestling shows! How do you even knock someone out?

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I suddenly realized that I was in WAY over my head! That girl in the opposite corner was going to destroy me! I wanted to run away as fast as I could but there was something psychological about being surrounded by those ropes.

I guess that this was when my “fight or flight” instinct kicked in. I seemed to have no choice but to go with “fight”.

The ref asked both of us if we were ready and signaled for the bell. We circled and I could see a smirk on her face. I tried to imitate her and pretend that I wasn’t afraid but I don’t think she bought it.

She came at me and I reached out to do a pretty professional looking collar and elbow lock-up. I was proud of myself … for about 15 seconds.

The girl … her name was Kat … shoved my arm to the side, moved beside me, and brought my head down into a head lock.

I didn’t know what to do! I put my hand on her bare thigh and tried to shove her off me but she was holding me really tight. The ref came in close to make sure my opponent wasn’t choking me and called out that it was a clean hold.

Kat turned and went down to one knee, forcing me down beside her. Then she grabbed a handful of my hair, yanked my head back, and SLAMMED my forehead into her knee!

I fell back crying out in pain from the shock, then felt her grab my ankles to drag me into the center of the ring.

I don’t even know how she did it so quickly but suddenly she was on top of me, using her body to stretch me out.

The ref dropped down and slid her hand under my shoulder. I knew enough about wrestling to know that she was checking to see if I was being pinned so I put all my strength into lifting my shoulder off the mat.

She called out “No pin!” so the girl on top of me jumped off and quickly grabbed me by the hair and sat me up. I felt her arm go around my throat and I started to panic that she was going to choke me out! But the feeling was different than having my throat closed off. The pressure was more on the sides of my neck and around my head.

I realized that I was being knocked out! At first it hurt, then it was simply an increasing amount of pressure. I felt a tingling in my fingers as I tried to pry Kat’s hands off me and it slowly spread down my arms as the pressure increased.

But then everything went black.

Have you ever had one of those nights when you fall asleep but you aren’t completely asleep? Your mind is still thinking, you feel the sheets and blanket of your bed, time runs slowly around you? That’s how I felt.

I felt the pressure of another body on top of mine and I heard three big slaps next to my head. Then I heard a female voice … “Scarlett? Wake up, Scarlett. It’s time for round two.”

Wow! What can I say? The foggy haze in my mind evaporated as I was helped up. I saw the girl in blue looking at me from a corner. She had a smirk on her face as I tried to find my reality again.

Things were moving too fast for me but I saw her start to circle the ring so I stayed opposite to her so I could shake off the cobwebs in my head.

As we circled I decided to throw caution to the wind and attack! I rushed the girl and grabbed her around the waist, shoving her back against the ropes. I suddenly remembered the pro wrestling move called a clothesline so I grabbed her arm and threw her into the opposite ropes.

I quickly got into position with my arm outstretched to smash her in the throat when she rebounded back at me but the girl ducked! I turned to see where she went and before I knew it she was flying back at me after bouncing off the ropes again!

Her arm caught me right in my neck and down I went!

She grabbed my ankles again and pulled me to the center of the ring then dropped her shin on my exposed neck!

I stomped my feet and pried at her leg as I struggled to breath! I knew it was illegal and was glad there was a referee, but it took forever for Kat to break the hold!

All I could do was lay there coughing as the girl stood up and stomped me in the belly! TWICE!

She was brutal as she yanked me to my feet by the hair and bent me over backwards in some strange hold. I realized what was going to happen as soon as I felt her arm begin to tighten around my neck. I was going out again!

The same sensations went through me again, tingling in my fingers, a slow drop into nothingness, and the final sleep.

I felt the same pressure of a body on me as well as the slamming sound by my head, followed by the gentle calling of my name. I sat up with the help of the referee and suddenly began sobbing.