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Punching Out LeAnn

Hi, I'm Lilith, one of the newest girls here at Fem Wrestling Rooms. I finally got a chance to show my stuff in a boxing match and I thought I'd tell you about it. I should start out by telling you that I'm known as a tomboy and am well versed in street fighting. I've left plenty of girls and guys begging for mercy or knocked out from my fast and hard fists. When I was asked to put on the boxing gloves for a match with LeAnn, I quickly agreed.

I could hear LeAnn out in the ring so I got ready and put on the boxing gloves. They felt nice on my fists. I couldn't wait to go toe to toe with her.

When I walked through the dressing room door I couldn't believe my eyes! The chick was wearing some tiny bikini and doing stupid modelling poses for the camera! This was a BOXING match, not a fashion show! I suddenly wanted to smash her pretty face in!

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I'm so sick of these girls that don't take this stuff seriously! They think that their looks are going to get them through life and all they have to do is flaunt their bodies to get what they want. She obviously thought that I'd play the little "pretend boxing" game, but I had other plans for her. I walked right up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and punched her in that pretty face!

Then I went to town on her and slugged her again, sending her back into the ropes. I knew that I could knock her out with one hard punch, but I wasn't about to end this so soon!

A hard uppercut to the chin sent her head flying back. She had no choice but to fall to the canvas after that hit. And I'll admit, it felt good to punch this chick!

I thought that I'd knocked her out but when I went over to her she moaned. I was actually glad to hear that because I definitely wanted to have more fun with her! I love to punch out these diva-chicks! I sat down on her and popped her in the face some more.

A straight on punch to her face knocked her out cold! I let her have a second to rest then got off her and woke her up. It was time to have some fun in the corner!

I kept the punches at a medium-hard level. I knew that if I hit her too hard she would go down, and that wouldn't be any fun! It was interesting how the jabs seemed to make her more and more submissive. She even seemed to be leaning into them! I guess little LeAnn kinda liked getting punched out by me!

She was close to going out so I stopped and shook her face a bit to bring her back. Then I flung her across the ring to the opposite corner.

I headed across the ring to where I had thrown her, looking forward to delivering some more boxing glove bashes. She was like a human punching bag at this point and I had fun popping her in the face and body!

I loved slamming my gloves into that body! LeAnn wearing that tiny bikini gave me plenty of fleshy parts to pummel! I tried to redden her belly with my punches but that damn tan made it hard to see.

I finally pulled her from the ropes to set her up for the final knockout blow. I figured that a few good jabs would soften her up.

I actually found a rhythm to my punches that coincided with the movements of her head. I would punch and her head would snap back, and every time she straightened up I had another jab headed her way. Her head went back and forth like a punching bag!

When I finally stopped bopping her in the face she wobbled and swayed in a groggy state. I knew that she was ready for the finishing punch. I didn't want her to fall before I connected though, so I braced her with my left glove under her chin.

My uppercut hit her right on the sweet spot! She let out a soft grunt and fell to the canvas. It was all over for this bikini diva!

I don't know what guys see in this chick. She looked pretty bad to me, lying there on the canvas, motionless. I took my victory pose and left her there.