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Peyton's Exhibition Match

We join Peyton in the ring as she welcomes all her fans and thanks them for making her the most popular wrestler in the USA. In an effort to reach out to other countries she’s invited Nikita, a special foreign guest to do a friendly exhibition match. She extends a friendly handshake to Nikita but is sucker punched in the belly and told “I don’t do exhibition matches! I do matches to win!” Peyton is shoved into a corner for a long session of belly punishment then sent to the mat after several hard face punches. Nikita destroys Peyton with several nasty wrestling holds but our lovely fem fights back and escapes from Nikita’s signature “Russian Bear Hug” to stun the foreign beauty with belly and face punches, a dragon sleeper, destruction on the ropes, a body scissor/full nelson combo, an impressive body slam, snap mares, a body splash, and goes for a leg hook pin. But she decides that she wants a submission and drags the stunned Nikita into a crossface submission hold. Peyton poses victorious over the visiting girl telling her that she should have stuck to an exhibition match! We LOVE Peyton! 

Peyton's Exhibition Match - 01Click here for our video teaser!Peyton's Exhibition Match - 01Peyton's Exhibition Match - 02Peyton's Exhibition Match - 03Peyton's Exhibition Match - 04Peyton's Exhibition Match - 05Peyton's Exhibition Match - 06Peyton's Exhibition Match - 07Peyton's Exhibition Match - 08Peyton's Exhibition Match - 09Peyton's Exhibition Match - 10Peyton's Exhibition Match - 11Peyton's Exhibition Match - 12Peyton's Exhibition Match - 13Peyton's Exhibition Match - 14Peyton's Exhibition Match - 15Peyton's Exhibition Match - 16

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