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Persephone's Title Match

When Larz commented on the fact that there aren’t many good challengers to her boxing title left, Persephone was nearby and overheard her. She confidently challenged the tougher girl to a title match and the stage was set. The five round match had one stipulation … the winner decides her prize. In round one Larz allowed Persephone the first punches and suddenly found herself knocked out on the mat! But as the count progressed she suddenly rose and allowed Persephone to try again … and kissed the mat one more time! But we soon realize that Larz wasn’t really fazed and the REAL fight began. Persephone suddenly found herself a punch-drunk mess in what can only be called a total beat down! The pretty girl was a dizzy mess as her tongue hung outs, her eyes crossed and she fell in several unusual positions. The bell rung to save Persephone at the end of each round but the spunky little cutie continually tried to attack the laughing Larz. There’s simply too many one-sided silly reactions to describe here but we guarantee that you’ll LOVE seeing Persephone take a beating from Larz! In the end, Larz takes Persephone’s bikini top, clothes, and boxing gloves as her prize and leaves Persephone to twitch on the couch. Enjoy!

Persephone's Title Match - 01Click here for our video teaser!Persephone's Title Match - 01Persephone's Title Match - 02Persephone's Title Match - 03Persephone's Title Match - 04Persephone's Title Match - 05Persephone's Title Match - 06Persephone's Title Match - 07Persephone's Title Match - 08Persephone's Title Match - 09Persephone's Title Match - 10Persephone's Title Match - 11Persephone's Title Match - 12Persephone's Title Match - 13Persephone's Title Match - 14Persephone's Title Match - 15Persephone's Title Match - 16Persephone's Title Match - 17Persephone's Title Match - 18Persephone's Title Match - 19Persephone's Title Match - 20Persephone's Title Match - 21Persephone's Title Match - 22Persephone's Title Match - 23Persephone's Title Match - 24Persephone's Title Match - 25Persephone's Title Match - 26Persephone's Title Match - 27Persephone's Title Match - 28

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