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Persephone's Secret Plan

Lisa and Persephone are enjoying some sun bathing by the FWR pool when Lisa decides to get a drink in the house. When she’s gone, Persephone reveals that she’s got a plan to trick Lisa into fight because she secretly hates all the blondes at FWR. When the two beauties go into the studio Persephone attacks and throws a shocked Lisa into the ring. The diminutive beauty grabs the blond by the hair and puts her in a hammerlock followed by a full nelson. A stunner drops Lisa to her knees and the brunette begins her dominance … for a short time! Lisa manages to escape a clothesline and hits Persephone with a low blow and works her over with head smashes to the turnbuckle, a crotch pull into the ring post, and some good old fashioned fisticuffs. But Persephone makes a comeback with an uppercut and a black jack blow to the head that causes Lisa to hear birdies and succumb to a sexy matchbook pin. Persephone poses victorious and proclaims, “Another blond bites the dust!”

Persephone's Secret Plan - 01Click here for our video teaser!Persephone's Secret Plan - 01Persephone's Secret Plan - 02Persephone's Secret Plan - 03Persephone's Secret Plan - 04Persephone's Secret Plan - 05Persephone's Secret Plan - 06Persephone's Secret Plan - 07Persephone's Secret Plan - 08Persephone's Secret Plan - 09Persephone's Secret Plan - 10Persephone's Secret Plan - 11Persephone's Secret Plan - 12Persephone's Secret Plan - 13Persephone's Secret Plan - 14Persephone's Secret Plan - 15Persephone's Secret Plan - 16

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