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Persephone, the Bully

You enter the gym to work out and are confronted by Persephone. She recognizes you as the guy who couldn’t even curl a 15 pound weight then proceeds to mock and taunt you for being so weak and smaller than her. Persephone decides that if you can beat her in a 3 pins wrestling match then she’ll stop teasing you. You both enter the ring and the dark haired beauty destroys you with her punches. She holds you at arms length as you struggle to punch her, giggling and acting bored. To finish round one she clotheslines you to the mat and plants her bare foot on your face as she counts you out. The next two falls are similar with Persephone emphasizing her beautiful feet while dominating you. In the end she punches you around the ring, pushes you down, and sits on you for the final pin. She takes sexy selfies of you then knocks you out with a foot smother while enjoying her final victory! Don’t miss this sexy POV!

Persephone, the Bully - 01Click here for our video teaser!Persephone, the Bully - 01Persephone, the Bully - 02Persephone, the Bully - 03Persephone, the Bully - 04Persephone, the Bully - 05Persephone, the Bully - 06Persephone, the Bully - 07Persephone, the Bully - 08Persephone, the Bully - 09Persephone, the Bully - 10Persephone, the Bully - 11Persephone, the Bully - 12Persephone, the Bully - 13Persephone, the Bully - 14Persephone, the Bully - 15Persephone, the Bully - 16

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