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New Girl in Town

We had Beccca take Erika, one of our newest fems, into the FWR ring to show her some moves. However, it became clear right away that Becca wasn’t planning on being gentle and yanks the unsuspecting girl down into a tight head lock. She follows with some snap mares, a body scissor with full nelson, a leg nelson, some head scissors, and a front seated body scissor – head lock knockout. Poor Erika didn’t know what hit her but Becca made one mistake. She underestimated the young girl and woke her up for more punishment only to find her self on her back with Erika punching her in the face! The new girl tosses Becca into the corner, works her over, then snap mares her to the mat a few times. And arm pull, and a few head scissors bring poor Becca to unconsciousness as the new girl in town declares herself the winner! Please welcome Erika!

New Girl in Town - 01Click here for our video teaser!New Girl in Town - 01New Girl in Town - 02New Girl in Town - 03New Girl in Town - 04New Girl in Town - 05New Girl in Town - 06New Girl in Town - 07New Girl in Town - 08New Girl in Town - 09New Girl in Town - 10New Girl in Town - 11New Girl in Town - 12New Girl in Town - 13New Girl in Town - 14New Girl in Town - 15New Girl in Town - 16

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