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Mia Needs to Fight

We join Persephone and Anaid in the ring as they do some boxing training. Enter Mia, who has had a bad day at work and needs to blow off some steam by beating someone up! Ah! The perfect victims are in the ring so Mia strips down to her fight clothes, rolls up her sleeves and proceeds to bop Anaid on the head, causing her eyes to roll as the birdies tweet. Persephone protests and goes after Mia with her fists but can’t seem to connect any punches until Mia catches one of the small girl’s fists and forces her to punch herself! Anaid wakes up and throws a punch at Mia who ducks, causing Anaid to knockout her own friend in the process. More hilarity ensues as these poor girls can’t seem to win against Mia. Plenty of knockouts, birdies, and eye rolling happens in this match that spills out to the carpet and the main focus is on the speedbag facial. Mia taunts and teases them as she toys with the confused and out-matched cuties. Mia even gets creative with a “foot facial!” Don’t miss this one-sided beat down!

Mia Needs to Fight - 01Click here for our video teaser!Mia Needs to Fight - 01Mia Needs to Fight - 02Mia Needs to Fight - 03Mia Needs to Fight - 04Mia Needs to Fight - 05Mia Needs to Fight - 06Mia Needs to Fight - 07Mia Needs to Fight - 08Mia Needs to Fight - 09Mia Needs to Fight - 10Mia Needs to Fight - 11Mia Needs to Fight - 12Mia Needs to Fight - 13Mia Needs to Fight - 14Mia Needs to Fight - 15Mia Needs to Fight - 16Mia Needs to Fight - 17Mia Needs to Fight - 18Mia Needs to Fight - 19Mia Needs to Fight - 20

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