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Megan's Initiation

Our video opens with a match already in progress. Larz and Heather are caught up in a double head scissor when in walks a new girl, Megan, who interrupts the match. She explains to Larz and Heather that she’s here to try out to be a wrestler, so the girls in the ring tell her to suit up. While Megan’s in the dressing room Larz and Heather continue to argue about who would have won their match until the timid new girl returns. Ignoring Megan, Larz tells Heather that she had a lot of holds planned for her … then reaches out and yanks Megan into the ring to demonstrate! Heather and Larz use poor Megan as they demonstrate to each other what holds they would have used, including a double arm choke, standing head scissor, a figure four leglock, a camel clutch, a surfboard, a choke on the ropes, a hangman on the ropes, and a standard hangman. The bewildered Megan is finally put into a reverse head scissor by Larz and a reverse figure four head scissor by Heather. Sweet Megan is finally knocked out as Larz admits that she would have been defeated by Heather. Larz wakes Megan and welcomes her to FWR! Please welcome Megan!

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