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Main Event Melee

Peyton paces in the ring, waiting for her opponent. She removes her ring jacket as the curtains fly open and Lisa strides through and into the ring. She flings her arms wide and proclaims, “Ladies and gentlemen, your MAIN EVENT of the EVENING!!” Peyton turns to the camera, complaining that she shouldn’t have to put up with this because she’s at the top of the roster. Lisa gets in her face after being called a jobber and the battle soon begins. The action goes back and forth with head locks, hammerlocks, scissors, a step over toe hold, a bow & arrow and tons of other fast paced moves. They battle furiously with Lisa taking more pain than she’s used to in her Main Event matches. Peyton nearly gets the blond on her knees in a corner, yanks her hair back to look up at her as she makes a fist for the knockout punch. But Lisa isn’t one to lose easily and smashes Peyton with TWO low blows! Peyton drops and Lisa flies onto her in a matchbook pin … with some extra leverage from the ropes. A fast three count ends the match as Lisa celebrates her victory. But an angry Peyton vows to get revenge … and we can’t wait to see what happens!

Main Event Melee - 01Click here for our video teaser!Main Event Melee - 01Main Event Melee - 02Main Event Melee - 03Main Event Melee - 04Main Event Melee - 05Main Event Melee - 06Main Event Melee - 07Main Event Melee - 08Main Event Melee - 09Main Event Melee - 10Main Event Melee - 11Main Event Melee - 12Main Event Melee - 13Main Event Melee - 14Main Event Melee - 15Main Event Melee - 16Main Event Melee - 17Main Event Melee - 18Main Event Melee - 19Main Event Melee - 20

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