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Liv & Violet's First Boxing Match: Part One

Liv and Violet were hanging out one afternoon watching an FWR boxing match on a laptop computer. The girls were really liking the action and getting into it, even talking about how they could box and how it looks like fun.

Things quickly turned sour when Violet claimed that she could easily beat Liv in a boxing match. Liv snapped back saying there was no way Violet could ever beat her.

They got into a little shoving match then started pulling each other’s hair, and finally standing up to yank harder!

But a loud “THUD” from the laptop computer caught their attention and they both gazed down at the video to see what happened. Letting go of one another, they agreed to meet later in the ring for a boxing match to prove who was toughest. 

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Later, in the studio, each girl entered separately to take her place inside the ring.

Violet wore a tiny schoolgirl skirt with a bikini top and big red boxing gloves. Looking tough and ready to rumble, she took her place in a corner.

Liv followed and made her way to the ring wearing a similar tiny schoolgirl skirt, bikini top and big black boxing gloves. She too, looked ready for the fight and took her corner opposite Violet.

They glared at each other from the corners of the ring in such a way that we were surprised they hadn’t shown us this toughness before! These two beauties are fashion models, known for their glamorous appearances on fashion magazines, in print ads, and on social media photographer portfolios. To think that they would be willing to take a punch to the face and mess up their beautiful appearances was something we were surprised to see!

The bell finally rang and the girls came together looking like profession boxers … CUTE professional boxers!

But when they began to fight it quickly became obvious that these glamor queens knew NOTHING about boxing!

It was actually a comical display of swinging arms, stumbling feet, closed eyes, and punches that didn’t connect. They danced around the ring with their big boxing gloves flopping around thinking that they were going to sooner or later connect with something.

And Liv finally did!

The punch landed flush on Violet’s pretty face and staggering her! Liv was totally surprised that she connected because she had her eyes closed when she threw the punch.

Liv took advantage of Violet’s grogginess and popped her square in the mouth. Violet’s pretty eyes suddenly crossed but she stayed on her feet, her boxing gloves hanging at her sides.

Liv felt empowered after finding out she could actually hit the little blond so she helped Violet to the corner, making sure she was hanging on the ropes. Then the fun REALLY began!