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Lilith Challenges Stacie

Right before Stacie went on hiatus from wrestling, we had hoped to have her and Tara meet in the ring. Unfortunately, Tara couldn't make it so we brought in Lilith. Well, this turn of events didn't make Stacie very happy but she decided to give the brunette a chance. Stacie even allowed Lilith to apply the first hold which turned out to be a painful figure four leglock! Stacie fought through the pain and managed to escape and attack the slender girl! Poor Lilith found out REALLY quickly that Stacie knows how to apply major pain with belly punishment, snap mares, body slams, and those nasty submission holds such as the ab stretch, camel clutch, boston crab, headscissors, and two leglocks that had Lilith screaming in pain!

Lilith Challenges Stacie - 01Click here for our video teaser!Lilith Challenges Stacie - 01Lilith Challenges Stacie - 02Lilith Challenges Stacie - 03Lilith Challenges Stacie - 04Lilith Challenges Stacie - 05Lilith Challenges Stacie - 06Lilith Challenges Stacie - 07Lilith Challenges Stacie - 08Lilith Challenges Stacie - 09Lilith Challenges Stacie - 10Lilith Challenges Stacie - 11Lilith Challenges Stacie - 12

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