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Kat's Fighting Lesson

This custom video features Kat, a girl who recently got beat up in a fight, meeting Madison, a girl who Kat is told will teach her how to fight. The main focus of this custom is the rolling up of the sleeves prior to the punchout and a TON of our famous FWR Speedbag Facials.  Madison begins by letting Kat hit her then, after taking several hard hits and looking like she’s in trouble, she smiles and slams her fist into Kat’s belly and jaw dropping her to the carpet! Let the beating begin!! Poor Kat is destroyed by Madison’s hard knuckles throughout the FWR studio. She’s trapped in the ropes, pounded in the corner, smashed against the wall, and basically brought to a groggy mess by Madison’s fists. In the end, Madison cradles the chin of the nearly unconscious Kat as she plants a kiss on her lips in the ultimate domination scene …. then knocks her out with a powerful uppercut! You’ll love this speedbag facial focused beating!!

Kat's Fighting Lesson - 01Click here for our video teaser!Kat's Fighting Lesson - 01Kat's Fighting Lesson - 02Kat's Fighting Lesson - 03Kat's Fighting Lesson - 04Kat's Fighting Lesson - 05Kat's Fighting Lesson - 06Kat's Fighting Lesson - 07Kat's Fighting Lesson - 08Kat's Fighting Lesson - 09Kat's Fighting Lesson - 10Kat's Fighting Lesson - 11Kat's Fighting Lesson - 12Kat's Fighting Lesson - 13Kat's Fighting Lesson - 14Kat's Fighting Lesson - 15Kat's Fighting Lesson - 16Kat's Fighting Lesson - 17Kat's Fighting Lesson - 18Kat's Fighting Lesson - 19Kat's Fighting Lesson - 20

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