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Kat Schools Tommie

(Filmed 11/21/2015) What is intended to be a friendly training session between two friends, Kat and Tommie, turns into an ambush when Tommie gets Kat to "demonstrate" a figure four leglock. Kat is all smiles as she thinks she's teaching her friend something new but when she allows Tommie to apply the hold on her, things suddenly go wrong! Tommie was actually planning this and when she gets the leg lock on Kat she begins to bring the pain. Kat finds out that Tommie’s real goal is to make a name for herself at FWR by forcing Kat to submit! But to Tommie's surprise, Kat escapes and attacks with a body scissors, arm bar, abdominal stretch, torture rack, and a final figure four leglock! Tommie regrets her actions as she begs and pleads to be released from the dominating holds! She apologizes over and over again but Kat continues to taunt her and teach her a lesson she won't soon forget!

Kat Schools Tommie - 01Click here for our video teaser!Kat Schools Tommie - 01Kat Schools Tommie - 02Kat Schools Tommie - 03Kat Schools Tommie - 04Kat Schools Tommie - 05Kat Schools Tommie - 06Kat Schools Tommie - 07Kat Schools Tommie - 08Kat Schools Tommie - 09Kat Schools Tommie - 10Kat Schools Tommie - 11Kat Schools Tommie - 12Kat Schools Tommie - 13Kat Schools Tommie - 14Kat Schools Tommie - 15Kat Schools Tommie - 16

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