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Introducing Lisa

Our video opens with Renee in the dressing room looking forward to a little private time in the studio. Suddenly she hears noises in the ring and peeks out to find another new girl! And she’s BLOND!! Renee is angry that another blond has come to FWR so she jumps in the ring and starts dominating the tiny blond with a head lock, a snap mare, head and body scissors, a camel clutch, and a surfboard. Renee drags poor Lisa into the corner and punches her out until Scarlett enters and sees what’s going on. She jumps in the ring, yanks Renee off of Lisa, then gives Renee a hard right, stunning her. Scarlett and Lisa then proceed to beat up a shocked Renee with a double arm pull, a scissor hold, some belly kicks on the ropes, and a camel clutch with toe twisting. In the end, Scarlett wraps Renee up in a tight sleeper while Lisa taunts her and challenges her to a future match. Please welcome the lovely Lisa!

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