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I Wanna Box! Part Two

After knocking Lucky out with a heavy punch, I decided to have more fun with her ... just to show her that I'm the best in boxing. I hit her belly with a hard punch and she gasped and flew up toward me. With her face in the air, I smashed a glove into her cheek, sending her back down again!

This looked like fun so I continued, punching her belly then punching her face ... over and over again! Up and down she went, in and out of consciousness!

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Then I decided to mess up her face a little more so I sat high up on her chest in a schoolgirl pin and plowed my gloves down into her face. Little grunts came from her lips and I figured she'd be completely destroyed really soon.

But I underestimated her will power and she caught me off guard by bucking her body up, sending me tumbling off her. And before I knew it, she did a quick backward roll and slugged me in the belly over and over again!

As I gasped for air, she stood up and smashed a kick right into my already tender tummy!

I found myself being hauled to my feet, wondering what had happened! How did this fight suddenly turn in Lucky's favor? I thought I had her defeated, nearly unconscious, and ready for my knockout punch!

But here I was, getting jab after jab sent into my face, forcing me back into the ropes!

I was staggered, groggy, and in shock as she turned me around to face out of the ring. She then climbed outside the ropes and positioned me so that I was hanging on the ropes ... my face an open target!

And then she did some target practice on me! Uppercut after uppercut smashed into my chin, rattling my brain. I was foggy when she finally stopped and repositioned me to hang over the top ropes.

I guess I knew it was coming, but was unable to do anything because I was seeing double. But I remember feeling the gust of wind each time her glove swung in front of my face as she wound up for a MASSIVE uppercut!

The blow rattled me to the bone, the THUD of her glove against my chin rang in my ears, and before I knew it the lights in the ceiling were flashing above me. My head snapped back and my body followed as I flew back into the ring to come crashing down on my back!

Yes, I know I lost ... and I know that Lucky O'Shea beat me up. But someday I'll get even. And if I never get a chance to fight her again in the FWR ring, I'll make sure to think about her EVERY time I wrestle, box, and fight anyone who steps into this ring against me ... and I'll be ESPECIALLY rough on them!