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Honey Gets Jumped

We fade in on Honey coming into the studio after a swim, not seeing the formidable Lo and Amber waiting for her. The tough girls jump Honey and begin punching her tiny belly. They explain that they’ve decided to take control of FWR because the cute little girls get all the matches. What follows is an intense two vs one beat down filed with belly punches, face punches, face kicks, foot and knee chokes, and body stomps. The bad girls finally decide to have a wrestling match with Honey and toss her in the ring. Head scissors, body scissors, double foot chokes, body splashes, and many more double teaming moves have poor Honey begging for mercy. Amber and Lo toss the nearly destroyed cutie out of the ring to continue the beat down until a double dragon sleeper knocks Honey out for good. As the tough girls sit on Honey in a victory pose they begin to wonder who they should attack next. Fade to black. Don’t miss this one!!

Honey Gets Jumped - 01Click here for our video teaser!Honey Gets Jumped - 01Honey Gets Jumped - 02Honey Gets Jumped - 03Honey Gets Jumped - 04Honey Gets Jumped - 05Honey Gets Jumped - 06Honey Gets Jumped - 07Honey Gets Jumped - 08Honey Gets Jumped - 09Honey Gets Jumped - 10Honey Gets Jumped - 11Honey Gets Jumped - 12Honey Gets Jumped - 13Honey Gets Jumped - 14Honey Gets Jumped - 15Honey Gets Jumped - 16Honey Gets Jumped - 17Honey Gets Jumped - 18Honey Gets Jumped - 19Honey Gets Jumped - 20Honey Gets Jumped - 21Honey Gets Jumped - 22Honey Gets Jumped - 23Honey Gets Jumped - 24

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