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Help!! (Part Two)

The pain was so intense and her body was in so much pain that the beauty continued to scream. Valentina was in the dressing room putting the final touches on her boots in preparation for her upcoming match.

The walls between the dressing room and the ring are very thick and it took Valentina a second to realize that it was her friend who was screaming for help! She immediately sprang up from the couch and went running for the door. The sound of Kasey in pain was too much to ignore! It's normal to hear grunts and groans in a wrestling match but not a blood-curdling cry for help!

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Vanessa never let up on the pressure, seemingly enjoying the sounds of Kasey's screams! What the busty beauty didn't know was that Valentina was jumping into the ring to rescue her friend.

Valentina kicked Vanessa in the back of the knee, causing her to fall and drop Kasey. As Kasey crawled to the safety of the ropes, her friend went to work.

Vanessa was stunned by the speed and power of this new wrestler! She suddenly found herself in a figure four leglock that had her crying out in pain for the first time in this match.

But the blond is a crafty wrestler and immediately rolled, causing Valentina to release the hold. But the dark haired beauty wasn't finished yet!

Confident that she had softened Vanessa up, Valentina motioned for Kasey to come over. The younger gal was unsure, remembering what the blond fighter had put her through!

Kasey was unsure if Vanessa was truly hurt and it took a bit of coaxing from Valentina before she finally came out of her corner. Valentina had her grab Vanessa's arms and hold them behind her back and proceeded to punch the beauty in the belly and face! Vanessa had it coming though!

Kasey got more and more comfortable as she enjoyed helping her friend work over the tough blond. She finally asked if she could have a chance, so the two fems changed places.

Kasey pulled her fist back and shot out the HARDEST punch she could muster. Suddenly, Vanessa ducked and Kasey clocked Valentina in the jaw! Her head shot back and she was out cold, dropping to the mat like a ton of bricks!

Kasey gasped then froze in her tracks when she turned and saw a VERY angry Vanessa! The woman walked slowly over to her then attacked! Before Kasey knew what was happening she was thrown to the canvas and flipped over into a PAINFUL sharpshooter leglock!

The young girl hadn't had this move done to her before and shock filled her eyes! As Vanessa sat down into the hold Kasey began screaming in pain and clawing at the mat. With her back bent to the utmost extreme she slapped the mat furiously, screaming her submission!

When Vanessa finally released her, Kasey was moaning and sobbing. She had NEVER felt such pain and didn't know if she'd be able to stand. Vanessa took her victory pose and left the two girls in the ring to deal with their painful loss.

So, as we bring this epic beatdown to a close we leave you with a final look at poor Kasey as she slowly recovers and wakes her friend.