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Fist Fight VII

Becca thinks the gym is empty and decides to go into the ring to practice her punches. After being soundly defeated by Misty twice she hopes to get better. Suddenly, Misty bursts into the ring, shoves Becca and taunts the scared young girl. Misty is so confident that she sticks out her chin, allowing Becca to take a free shot! Becca nervously punches Misty in the jaw and gets a bit of a reaction. Her nerves settle as she realizes that she might be able to put the tougher girl down ... which she eventually does! Becca, now filled with confidence, goes to town on Misty but soon gets a bit too cocky and while dragging the blond around by her hair, gets a HARD punch to her gut! Misty takes over and pummels poor Becca mercilessly, finally knocking her out after a long session of bare fisted destruction!

Fist Fight VII - 01Click here for our video teaser!Fist Fight VII - 01Fist Fight VII - 02Fist Fight VII - 03Fist Fight VII - 04Fist Fight VII - 05Fist Fight VII - 06Fist Fight VII - 07Fist Fight VII - 08Fist Fight VII - 09Fist Fight VII - 10Fist Fight VII - 11Fist Fight VII - 12

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