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Feminine Fisticuffs: Part Two

Amber thought about it for a minute and finally removed her padded gloves. She drew back her fist, she said “We’ll always be friends!”

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Her fists shot out, slamming right and left hooks into Tani’s waiting jaw.  Tani staggered, her knees went weak, and her arms hung uselessly at her sides as the punches connected. 


It was obvious that Tani was nearly finished when she spun to the ropes and used them to steady herself.

Amber turned her gently around and said, "Are you sure?"

Tani quietly and submissively said, "Yes." 

Amber brought her to the center of the ring, steadied her with a hand under her chin, then unleashed the final knockout punch.


Tani spun from the force of the punch and fell hard to the mat, finally unconscious. 

Amber checked to make sure there was no major injury then picked up her gloves and walked out quietly. Tani got her wish and hopefully the two women will become friends again someday.