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Challenging Cheyenne

Hi, this is Sasha. I recently had a wrestling match against a girl named Cheyenne Jewel. Actually, it wasn't so much a wrestling match as a major ass-kicking. It's not easy to talk about because I was the one who got beat up! I thought I'd try to describe what
happened just in case anyone else makes the same mistake I did.

We met briefly in Atlanta last summer but didn't have a match. Have you ever met someone that you instantly didn't like? I don't know what it was about her, maybe her confidence, maybe her tough attitude, or maybe just the fact that she was getting more attention than I was. Whatever the case, I knew that I wanted to wrestle her. When I found out that she was coming to our studio to do some scripted custom videos I  thought that if I came at her forcefully and with confidence I could intimidate her and get
her into the FWR ring ... a place that I consider my "home turf". I put on my bikini and found her sitting on the couch by the ring.

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I had heard that she was all "buff" and muscular, but what I saw sitting on that couch was a pudgy little girl. As I challenged her to a wrestling match I was filled with confidence! But that confidence suddenly stopped with a sharp stabbing pain to my belly!

And my confidence COMPLETELY disappeared when her foot connected with my chin! The next thing I knew, I was being thrown in the ring ... the place that I thought I was going to be whipping Cheyenne's butt in!

I tried to get up but she was quicker and sat down on me! Then I saw her fists start toward my face, followed by the painful crunch of her knuckles on my chin. My head snapped back and forth so fast that I couldn't even think straight. All I remember were the blasts of white pain that shot through my head!

I think she said something like "Now to teach you some wrestling" and yanked me up by the hair! This was the point where I found out that she wasn't just a pudgy girl! She lifted me into the air like a baby and slammed me back down to the canvas. Then she put her knee on my throat and pressed all of her body weight down onto me, choking me into a nearly unconscious state!

Have you ever felt completely helpless, unable to defend yourself, and yanked around like a doll? I was so dazed and confused that I felt nearly naked in my bikini as this amazon took me over to the ropes. She seemed to have a sadistic enjoyment of hearing me gag from the choking sessions she was putting me through!

You can't imagine the relief I felt when she finally got off me and pulled me away from those hard ropes! I was barely able to stand but she got me up by pulling on my hair again. The next thing I knew, I was being whipped across the ring only to rebound into her rock hard forearm!

This was the point in my beating that I realized where her true strength was. When those meaty thighs of hers snaked around my head I thought that I might get a breather because the fleshy, soft looking skin would only give me a little squeeze. But as I touched her leg I realized that directly under that soft looking skin were rock-hard muscles ... muscles that constricted painfully around my long thin neck!

I've never felt so much pain! It felt like my head was going to be crushed as she worked those muscles in such a way that had me in and out of near unconsciousness! She would relax them just enough to let my head stop spinning, then SLOWLY tighten them taking me back to that dizzy, pain-filled state! She was able to toy with me and keep me from going out completely. When she finally sat me up I felt like my head was on fire! But she wasn't done with me yet! She said something like, "Poor baby! Let's work on those arms and your back now!", as she yanked my arms back in a nasty surfboard hold!

How can I even begin to describe how my body felt at this point? My jaw still ached from her punches, I still had trouble breathing after being choked on the ropes, my head pounded from the incessant pressure of her scissors holds, and my back and shoulders felt like they were being stretched beyond their limit! I honestly wanted to cry! What had I gotten myself into? This incredibly strong woman was working over EVERY part of my body!

When she yanked me up by my long hair again, I couldn't help but wish that she would finish me off. My wish soon came true!

To be honest, I don't even know what she did to me because I was so out of it! All I remember is that I got yanked into the air then SLAMMED down, head first, onto the canvas! I don't think I was completely knocked out because I remember rolling onto my back and feeling her laying her body over mine. Then everything went black. I woke up alone in the ring, wishing I had never tried to intimidate someone I didn't know!