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Becca's Gauntlet: Part One

(Filmed between 9/5/2015 & 10/24/2015) Becca is defending her mixed fighting championship against a tough opponent (you) and has decided to bring in some of her friends to soften you up before the title match. While you're in the dressing room getting ready Veronika Valentine and Ashley Wildcat enter. They tell you that they've been paid by Becca to beat you up before her match but if you pay them double they'll leave. You flip them off and end up getting totally destroyed with punches, kicks, low blows, and boot chokes! They toss your unconscious body out into the studio where Becca shows up to let you know what's going to happen to you. First you'll meet Veronika for a fight in the ring. Becca chokes you with her foot then tosses you into the ring. Veronika soon appears and proceeds to destroy you with her tight scissor holds and hard face punches. She finally knocks you out, ties your arms up in the ropes and leaves to collect her payment. Becca soon arrives again with a pair of plaster filled pink boxing gloves to prepare you for your next fight. She tests the gloves out on your chin with a few uppercuts then goes to the dressing room to leave them for your next opponent. You'll love part one of this epic POV beating!

Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 01Click here for our video teaser!Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 01Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 02Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 03Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 04Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 05Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 06Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 07Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 08Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 09Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 10Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 11Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 12Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 13Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 14Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 15Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 16Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 17Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 18Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 19Becca's Gauntlet: Part One - 20

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