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Battle for the Title: Part One

The time has come!  Fem Wrestling Rooms needs a champion!  

Lovely LeAnn and sexy Becca have been chosen as the combatants and whoever wins will be crowned the Queen of FWR!!!

The two beauties agreed to a pure wrestling match with a 60 minute time limit.  The girl with the most submissions, pins, or knockouts at the end of the hour would be declared the winner! 

Dressed in their sexiest bikinis, Becca and LeAnn began to circle at the sound of the bell.  LeAnn knew that the blond looked innocent but was known for her wrestling knowledge so she struck fast and low, knocking BECCA to the floor.

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She forced the blond over onto her stomach and went right to work on her long legs, hoping to cripple her quickly.  She locked the ankles together and pulled as hard as she could, bringing a cry of pain from the leggy beauty!

Becca pounded the floor in pain, surprised that the little brunette could so easily overpower her.

LeAnn knew that the leg lock wasn’t going to bring a submission so she stood up, putting her opponent in a step-over toe hold.  Becca couldn’t believe the pain that shot through her knee and ankle!

LeAnn, happy with how easy this was going, placed the blond beauty in a figure-four leg lock, bringing screams of pain from Becca.  “I GIVE!!! AAAHHH!! STOP!! I GIVE!!!” yelled the blond! 

LeAnn released Becca, knelt next to her and did a victory pose getting awarded the first victory within only 5 minutes of the 60 minute time limit!


Although it seemed as though the brunette took Becca out so easily, our blond wrestler was actually playing it smart by submitting quickly.  She knew that the pain would only increase if she tried to fight back and also knew that there was plenty of time left to mount a comeback.  She was able to work off the pain in her legs before the second round began and was fresh as she faced LeAnn. 

LeAnn, however, felt proud of herself for beating Becca so quickly and allowed the blond to lock up with her in a traditional wrestling stance. The girls grappled in the hold, each looking for an advantage. 

Becca managed to maneuver her opponent down into a tight headlock, grinding away at the brunette’s neck with her arm.  LeAnn couldn’t believe the strength of her opponents arms and struggled desperately to free herself. 

Becca enjoyed her domination of the brunette and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her up to a standing position.  She turned her and wrapped her arms around LeAnn’s mid-section in a reverse bear hug, lifting her high in the air and squeezing the air from her lungs! 

LeAnn’s eyes bugged out from her head and she realized that she was unable to inhale.  She struggled and kicked, but to no avail.  The lack of oxygen caused her to slowly lose consciousness. 

Becca felt her adversary grow weak and limp in her arms, then gently lowered her to the floor.  Sitting on her in a school girl pin, Becca held her down for the pin then raised her arms in victory! 



Each girl had scored a quick victory on the other and there was still 38 minutes of match time left.  When LeAnn had been given enough time to recover the beauties took their corners and came out at the sound of the bell. 

Suddenly, Becca put her hands up in the air, challenging LeAnn to a test of strength.  The brunette hesitated then decided to accept, locking her hands with Becca’s.

The two women put their best power into the grip and tried to force the other’s hands back.  Becca, being a bit stronger, was able to get better leverage and slowly bent LeAnn’s hands down at the wrist.

A look of panic started to show on LeAnn’s face when she realized that she was losing the battle.  Her hands started to ache and she was forced to bend over backwards a little to try and ease the pressure.

Becca knew she had this test won and added more pain by quickly spinning LeAnn’s arms down to her waist, bending her wrists upwards! 

LeAnn screamed out in pain from the sharp twist and was brought to her tip toes, tears beginning to well up in her eyes!

In an act of desperation, LeAnn could only do one thing….fight dirty!  She shot out her foot and kicked the blond HARD between the legs! 

Becca dropped to her knees like a stone, her mouth open in shock, unable to utter a sound! 

LeAnn moved quickly and stepped over her shoulders, pulling her head up into a tight scissors! The stunned blond clawed at LeAnn's thighs but was unable to escape the hold!

The cute blond's eyes rolled and her body went limp as LeAnn squeezed Becca  until her body went limp.

LeAnn kept Becca's head in place and sat down into a school girl pin. The brunette finally stood up and placed her foot on Becca’s chest and gave her victory pose for the win.