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Andie's Initiation

(Filmed 3/19/2017) She's not a very talkative girl but that's because Andie's first time in the wrestling ring brings her face to face with Becca and Peyton. Our resident wrestlers don't like new girls so they bully poor Andie, who knows absolutely nothing about pro wrestling. The two bad girls proceed to double team the shocked and stunned visitor by slamming her head into all four turnbuckles, working over her belly in the corner, giving her body splashes, then flipping her down to the mat for some uncomfortable domination! Andie is destroyed with scissors, leg locks, a Boston crab, camel clutch, fireman's carries, and a final DOUBLE knockout stunner! In the end the trash talking beauties from FWR pose pretty over the unconscious girl and leave her lying in the ring all alone! We hope Andie will return someday … hopefully to get even!

Andie's Initiation - 01Click here for our video teaser!Andie's Initiation - 01Andie's Initiation - 02Andie's Initiation - 03Andie's Initiation - 04Andie's Initiation - 05Andie's Initiation - 06Andie's Initiation - 07Andie's Initiation - 08Andie's Initiation - 09Andie's Initiation - 10Andie's Initiation - 11Andie's Initiation - 12Andie's Initiation - 13Andie's Initiation - 14Andie's Initiation - 15Andie's Initiation - 16

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