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A Test of Toughness

(Filmed 2/12/2015) Ryan and Brooke both hope to rise to the top of the rankings here at FWR so they meet for a wrestling match that will test their strength and stamina.  The match is a one fall submissions match and Ryan takes a quick advantage, working Brooke over to wear her down. An arm bar has Brooke yelling in pain, but defiant … refusing to submit. Ryan realizes that she won't get a submission so she applies some leg wear sown moves before putting her foe in a figure four leglock. Brooke manages to escape so Ryan decides to taunt her a bit. Unfortunately for Ryan, Brooke still has plenty of fight in her and takes her by surprise with a belly punch! Some quick and painful slams has Ryan in position for an ab stretch and a figure four leglock … both of which can't get the submission from the screaming, yet determined Ryan. But a painful Indian Deathlock finally gives Ryan so much pain that she screams her submission, giving the match to the victorious Brooke!

A Test of Toughness - 01Click here for our video teaser!A Test of Toughness - 01A Test of Toughness - 02A Test of Toughness - 03A Test of Toughness - 04A Test of Toughness - 05A Test of Toughness - 06A Test of Toughness - 07A Test of Toughness - 08A Test of Toughness - 09A Test of Toughness - 10A Test of Toughness - 11A Test of Toughness - 12A Test of Toughness - 13A Test of Toughness - 14A Test of Toughness - 15A Test of Toughness - 16

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