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Ziva Challenges Ryan

This custom has a pretty simple premise … Ziva is angry with Ryan for winning a previous match so she challenges her to a multi fall pro-style wrestling match. Ryan eagerly accepts and they climb in the ring to battle. Although Ryan quickly over powers Ziva to win the first fall, Ziva mounts an offense in the next thtee rounds to punish her rival with chest slaps, belly punches & kicks, a rope choke, clothesline, sleeper hold knockout, a single leg crab to a submission, and a bear hug knockout. But that’s all the offense Ziva has under her belt as Ryan dominates the remainder of the falls with a variety of punishing holds that has poor Ziva begging Ryan to end the match! When Ryan gets the final fall and the time limit has run out, the visiting wrestler requests one final fall. She traps poor Ziva in a sleeperhold with a chloro rag stuffed in her face and the the brunette’s eyes flutter to a final knockout. You’ll love the humiliation that poor Ziva has to endure from the wrestling expertise of Ryan!

Ziva Challenges Ryan - 01Click here for our video teaser!Ziva Challenges Ryan - 01Ziva Challenges Ryan - 02Ziva Challenges Ryan - 03Ziva Challenges Ryan - 04Ziva Challenges Ryan - 05Ziva Challenges Ryan - 06Ziva Challenges Ryan - 07Ziva Challenges Ryan - 08Ziva Challenges Ryan - 09Ziva Challenges Ryan - 10Ziva Challenges Ryan - 11Ziva Challenges Ryan - 12Ziva Challenges Ryan - 13Ziva Challenges Ryan - 14Ziva Challenges Ryan - 15Ziva Challenges Ryan - 16Ziva Challenges Ryan - 17Ziva Challenges Ryan - 18Ziva Challenges Ryan - 19Ziva Challenges Ryan - 20Ziva Challenges Ryan - 21Ziva Challenges Ryan - 22Ziva Challenges Ryan - 23Ziva Challenges Ryan - 24

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