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You've Gotten Soft

As many of you know, Becca moved to California early last year but still returns to FWR on a regular basis. It’s been a longer period of time since she was here so when she recently returned we put her and Peyton in the ring for a one fall wrestling match. The girls met nose to nose in the ring where Peyton immediately began to taunt her adversary, telling her she’s gotten soft. Becca responded that she’s been in training and will enjoy giving Peyton a memorable defeat! Becca wastes no time and pulls her rival down into a tight head lock. She then enjoys a slow destruction of poor Peyton with corner posts, body splashes, belly attacks, a knee to the crotch, creative head scissors, a camel clutch, a leglock with hair pulling, some boot chokes, a front-facing leg nelson, hard body slams, and rapid snap mares. Peyton is worn out at the end allowing Becca to easily move into a reverse figure four knockout head scissor. After she pins Peyton, Becca enjoys her victory by removing her boots and placing her bare feet on her victim! Don’t miss this match!

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