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You Knocked Me Out!

We love it when custom scripts have a little twist in them! Tracy and Kasey put on the boxing gloves and go at on the mats. They trade punches like professionals, each fem taking her fair share of lumps. The twist is that just when you think the girl is knocked out, she comes around for a few seconds trying to regain her feet, only to collapse back to the mat ... definitely out!  There are right and left hooks, jabs, uppercuts, and lots of clinching belly punches throughout the match, until both girls are so spent that they agree to "end it" with a double knockout punch! Don't miss this great slugfest!

*Our vintage videos were filmed at a lower quality during the early years of FWR and are now being offered at a discount.

You Knocked Me Out! - 01Click here for our video teaser!You Knocked Me Out! - 01You Knocked Me Out! - 02You Knocked Me Out! - 03You Knocked Me Out! - 04You Knocked Me Out! - 05You Knocked Me Out! - 06You Knocked Me Out! - 07You Knocked Me Out! - 08

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