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Wrestling Allie Parker

(Filmed 3/19/2016) You've challenged Allie Parker, a well known professional wrestler, to a one fall mixed wrestling match. To make sure she accepts, you offer to put down $5000 and she happily puts in $5000 of her own money. The bell rings and the white bikini clad beauty immediately locks up with you and forces you back into a corner. She then proceeds to destroy you with boot chokes, top rope punches, body splashes, and knees to your body! Before you know it you're trapped in her strong head scissor holds where you finally have no choice but to tap out. But sexy Allie doesn't want a tap out and holds your arm to squeeze you so hard you go unconscious! She takes an easy victory with a 10 count school girl pin. Thinking the match is over, Allie starts to leave the ring but you begin to wake up! The beauty decides to offer you a double or nothing rematch and you agree, only to get TOTALLY destroyed by Allie's fists and kicks! She stomps you while you're down, punches you out, does flying leg drops to your body, and finally plows a series of uppercuts into your chin. After checking your arm to make sure you're done for, Allie takes a one dollar bill and writes "Thanks for the payday, loser!", places it on your chest for you to see when you wake up, and leaves with her stacks of money! We KNOW you'll love getting beaten by Allie!

Wrestling Allie Parker - 01Click here for our video teaser!Wrestling Allie Parker - 01Wrestling Allie Parker - 02Wrestling Allie Parker - 03Wrestling Allie Parker - 04Wrestling Allie Parker - 05Wrestling Allie Parker - 06Wrestling Allie Parker - 07Wrestling Allie Parker - 08Wrestling Allie Parker - 09Wrestling Allie Parker - 10Wrestling Allie Parker - 11Wrestling Allie Parker - 12Wrestling Allie Parker - 13Wrestling Allie Parker - 14Wrestling Allie Parker - 15Wrestling Allie Parker - 16

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