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Welcome Back, Tommie

It’s been two years since the lovely Tommie left FWR and she recently reappeared. She finds Madison in the studio and the two exchange a happy hug. Madison, already dressed for a pro-style match, invites Tommie to wrestle her and Tommie joyfully skips off to change her clothes. We fade back in and the two beauties exchange headlocks and bearhugs until Tommie catches Madison in the corner. Belly punches and hip smashes wind Madison but Tommie isn’t finished and does FOUR fast paced snap mares to the blond then quickly slaps on a sleeper hold! When Madison goes unconscious Tommie wakes her up and apologizes to her but quickly jumps on Madison for a high school girl pin! She giggles, “I didn’t mean to knock you out! I meant to pin you!” Well, we could give you all the fun details of this video but we don’t have the space. The bottom line? Madison gets angry and DESTROYS Tommie, leaving her unconscious on the mat. We hope there will be a rematch! 

Welcome Back, Tommie - 01Click here for our video teaser!Welcome Back, Tommie - 01Welcome Back, Tommie - 02Welcome Back, Tommie - 03Welcome Back, Tommie - 04Welcome Back, Tommie - 05Welcome Back, Tommie - 06Welcome Back, Tommie - 07Welcome Back, Tommie - 08Welcome Back, Tommie - 09Welcome Back, Tommie - 10Welcome Back, Tommie - 11Welcome Back, Tommie - 12Welcome Back, Tommie - 13Welcome Back, Tommie - 14Welcome Back, Tommie - 15Welcome Back, Tommie - 16

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