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Vanessa's Surprise II

It seems as though Vanessa keeps underestimating the new fems here at FWR! We put her up against Laci, our newest and youngest fem, in a wrestling match and Vanessa was totally surprised as the little blond took total control! Vanessa was thrown around the ring like a ragdoll, bent in painful positions, squeezed unmercifully, and finally put to sleep with a sleeper hold!

How does the thin little blond with absolutely NO prior professional wrestling experience manage to overpower Vanessa? Well .... remember, this site is all about the "fantasy" side of women's wrestling :)

Vanessa's Surprise II - 01Click here for our video teaser!Vanessa's Surprise II - 01Vanessa's Surprise II - 02Vanessa's Surprise II - 03Vanessa's Surprise II - 04Vanessa's Surprise II - 05Vanessa's Surprise II - 06Vanessa's Surprise II - 07Vanessa's Surprise II - 08Vanessa's Surprise II - 09Vanessa's Surprise II - 10Vanessa's Surprise II - 11Vanessa's Surprise II - 12

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