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Vampiress Encounter

(Filmed 10/2/2016) You enter the empty ring in anticipation of your 5 pins to win mixed wrestling match but you don’t know who your opponent is going to be. Suddenly, there’s a shimmer in the air and a beautiful woman in a dress appears! You’re shocked by her glistening eyes and unusual fanged teeth when she reaches out and snaps your neck, knocking you out immediately! She calls for the bell, places her foot on you and counts you out to gain the first win. She vanishes and you regain your senses for round two. The vampires appears again, this time in her corner wearing a tiny bikini. You rush her but she uses her special powers to stop you and her telepathic powers to punch you out! Jacquelyn, the vampiress, knows she’s weakened you and proceeds to destroy you with punches, kicks, low blows, head butts, and a heart punch! In the remaining rounds, Miss Jacquelyn uses her mind reading skills, invisibility powers, and super strength to dominate you. You manage to catch her fist when she’s invisible and get a few punches in that stun her, but this sexy vixen slows down time to regain her composure! In the end, this beautiful vamp mounts you and enjoys a big drink on your neck! This is Jacquelyn Velvets at her best!

Vampiress Encounter - 01Click here for our video teaser!Vampiress Encounter - 01Vampiress Encounter - 02Vampiress Encounter - 03Vampiress Encounter - 04Vampiress Encounter - 05Vampiress Encounter - 06Vampiress Encounter - 07Vampiress Encounter - 08Vampiress Encounter - 09Vampiress Encounter - 10Vampiress Encounter - 11Vampiress Encounter - 12Vampiress Encounter - 13Vampiress Encounter - 14Vampiress Encounter - 15Vampiress Encounter - 16Vampiress Encounter - 17Vampiress Encounter - 18Vampiress Encounter - 19Vampiress Encounter - 20

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