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Trilogy of Power

(Filmed 12/5/2015) This custom video features something for EVERYONE! Long prematch stare downs, boxing, a lengthy test of strength contest, wrestling, and long victory poses! Peyton and Becca begin each of the three matches with a lengthy nose to nose stare down while they trash talk each other. The boxing match is pretty even with both girls delivering face and belly crunching punches but Peyton manages to weaken Becca enough to slam her in the chin with a knock out uppercut. The lithe beauty then does several victory poses over her unconscious opponent. Part two begins with another stare down and trash talk session then the girls do a test of strength with the loser being the first one forced to her knees! It's pretty even with both girls grunting and groaning but Peyton simply doesn't have the upper body strength and loses. She's then forced to endure Becca's victory poses over her for a long time. Part three also begins with the stare down as Peyton makes the challenge to have a wrestling match. The two beauties REALLY go at it, knowing that the winner of this section will win the overall match! You'll see a leg split, snap mare, single and double reverse head scissors, a figure four leg lock, torture rack, and final sleeper hold that clearly leaves one girl defeated and the other enjoying her lengthy final victory pose! You'll LOVE this match!      

Trilogy of Power - 01Click here for our video teaser!Trilogy of Power - 01Trilogy of Power - 02Trilogy of Power - 03Trilogy of Power - 04Trilogy of Power - 05Trilogy of Power - 06Trilogy of Power - 07Trilogy of Power - 08Trilogy of Power - 09Trilogy of Power - 10Trilogy of Power - 11Trilogy of Power - 12Trilogy of Power - 13Trilogy of Power - 14Trilogy of Power - 15Trilogy of Power - 16Trilogy of Power - 17Trilogy of Power - 18Trilogy of Power - 19Trilogy of Power - 20Trilogy of Power - 21Trilogy of Power - 22Trilogy of Power - 23Trilogy of Power - 24

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