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Toughening Up Becca

During a recent visit, Becca had some free time to use the ring for a private workout. But her privacy was cut short when Lo and Kat appeared. They taunt her for looking weak and soft from her fancy California life and decide to help her toughen up. What follows is a spectacular one-sided destruction as Lo and Kat trap her on the ropes for several belly kicks, drop her to the mat with a double clothesline, trap her with head scissors and leglocks, a corner foot choke, a butt smother, body splashes, foot chokes, head and body smothers, several hair mares, arm bars, a row boat, a double knee choke, camel clutch with leg lock, a Boston crab with a head scissor, and a double heart punch. Each tough girl pins Becca and they pose victorious over her. Poor Becca didn’t stand a chance! Enjoy!

Toughening Up Becca - 01Click here for our video teaser!Toughening Up Becca - 01Toughening Up Becca - 02Toughening Up Becca - 03Toughening Up Becca - 04Toughening Up Becca - 05Toughening Up Becca - 06Toughening Up Becca - 07Toughening Up Becca - 08Toughening Up Becca - 09Toughening Up Becca - 10Toughening Up Becca - 11Toughening Up Becca - 12Toughening Up Becca - 13Toughening Up Becca - 14Toughening Up Becca - 15Toughening Up Becca - 16Toughening Up Becca - 17Toughening Up Becca - 18Toughening Up Becca - 19Toughening Up Becca - 20

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