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Too Much To Handle

This creative custom script pits the tag team duo of Sasha and Lilith against Vanessa Harding in a handicap match. Lilith joins Sasha in the dressing room as they both prepare for their match. When they're ready they don their ring jackets and head to the squared circle. After getting a look at their opponent they both jump from the ring and argue about who's going in first!

Vanessa decides to settle it herself and hauls Lilith into the ring by her hair! Poor Lilith is totally dominated by the nasty pro until finally getting tossed out of the ring. Sasha runs to Lilith's aid and helps her up ... only to toss her back into the ring!

Vanessa beats on her a bit more then finally throws her into Sasha's corner where Sasha is forced to tag in. Well, things don't go much better for Sasha!

Too Much To Handle - 01Click here for our video teaser!Too Much To Handle - 01Too Much To Handle - 02Too Much To Handle - 03Too Much To Handle - 04Too Much To Handle - 05Too Much To Handle - 06Too Much To Handle - 07Too Much To Handle - 08Too Much To Handle - 09Too Much To Handle - 10Too Much To Handle - 11Too Much To Handle - 12Too Much To Handle - 13Too Much To Handle - 14Too Much To Handle - 15Too Much To Handle - 16

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