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Tights, Not Nylons

(Filmed 8/19/2016) Allie is in the dressing room where she seems quite taken with her appearance in the mirror. The outfit chosen for the following wrestling match really makes her look great! Finally, she heads out to the ring where she continues to gush about how she loves her outfit especially the "nylons". Out comes a similarly clad Becca who corrects Allie by saying that they are called tights not nylons. A little bit of a debate ensues over this point that ends with Allie saying that despite whatever they are called they look far better on her than on Becca. The brunette turns her back on Becca to preen for the camera a little more and Becca nails her with a low uppercut between the legs from behind. And the beat down begins! Becca destroys Allie with boot chokes, snap mares, scissors, a camel clutch, rope chokes, PLENTY of low blows, leg spreads with thigh clawing, a crotch to ring post attack, and finally a kneeling hand choke that has poor Allie quivering on the mat, unconscious. A final leg hook pin gives the victory to Becca! But the blond isn't quite finished and delivers a double fisted smash between Allie's legs that wakes her up as Becca poses victorious over her! You'll love this one sided match!

Tights, Not Nylons - 01Click here for our video teaser!Tights, Not Nylons - 01Tights, Not Nylons - 02Tights, Not Nylons - 03Tights, Not Nylons - 04Tights, Not Nylons - 05Tights, Not Nylons - 06Tights, Not Nylons - 07Tights, Not Nylons - 08Tights, Not Nylons - 09Tights, Not Nylons - 10Tights, Not Nylons - 11Tights, Not Nylons - 12Tights, Not Nylons - 13Tights, Not Nylons - 14Tights, Not Nylons - 15Tights, Not Nylons - 16Tights, Not Nylons - 17Tights, Not Nylons - 18Tights, Not Nylons - 19Tights, Not Nylons - 20

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