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Three Rounds of Wrestling: Round Two

When round two began I had gotten some time to recover but my knee still hurt from the figure four leglock that made me tap out in round one.

Becca stood in her corner looking cocky and confident. I couldn't wait to wipe that smirk off her face!

The bell rang and we immediately locked up, pushing and shoving around the ring, each of us trying to overpower the other. 

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I managed to get the blond slightly off balance and quickly rolled behind her to apply a full nelson.

This was what I wanted … for the girl to be helpless in my grip! Her arms were useless to her and I was able to crank pressure down onto her neck.

She was squirming around pretty hard so I moved to a bear hug around her waist. Now I was able to show her that I had more strength than she though as I lifted her up into the air! She gasped and cried out as I crushed her belly.

When I finally set her down she was winded and offered no resistance. She was now my plaything and I could have put her through a lot of humiliating holds but I wanted to win this round quickly.

I snaked my arm around her neck and yanked her into a tight sleeper hold! I love this hold because I'm holding the girl close to my body and can actually feel her muscles get weaker!

I squeezed hard, bringing my elbows in close to the sides of her neck. She resisted a little bit but there was no escape and I really enjoyed feeling her get weaker and weaker!

When her hands dropped I knew I had her! A soft gasp came from her mouth and her knees buckled. I held on tight but let the blondie go to her knees.

Then the end came. She was making no more sounds and her body was completely limp. I had definitely won this round … and in a spectacular way!

I let her drop to the mat and took my victory pose as my opponent lay unconscious under my boot!

One more round and this match will go down in the books as one of my greatest matches! I can just read the headlines … "KAT PROVES THAT BRUNETTES ARE STRONGER THAN BLONDES AS SHE DEFEATS BECCA IN AN AMAZING THREE ROUND FEMALE WRESTLING MATCH!!!"

Ah, yes! I can't wait for round three!!