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Three Rounds of Wrestling: Round Three

I couldn't wait for this round to begin! I stood in my corner looking over at my blond opponent and loved how she looked so groggy, rubbing her head and moaning softly. I had really done a number on her in round two and she was still feeling the effects of my knockout sleeper hold!

The bell rang and to my surprise, Becca seemed to come to life! We circled, staring each other down and knowing that this was the final round. Whoever gets the pin or submission would be the winner … and I planned on that being ME!

I put my hand up to offer a test of strength which she accepted. We locked fingers and began struggling against each other.

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She was definitely recovered from round two and was able to force me back a little with her arm strength, but I put all my power back into my arms and forced her arms back. We were definitely equally matched!

And this was where things got out of hand! Becca twisted our locked hands so that she bent my wrists back causing me to go to my tippy toes! It hurt so bad that I had to come up with some sort of way to ease the pain … so I kicked her between the legs! Yeah, it wasn't legal but sometimes when you're in so much pain you can't think straight! They call it "fight or flight" … and I went with "fight"!

Becca screamed in pain and loosened the grip on my hands but I held tight and bent her wrists back the same way she did with mine!

Do you remember me saying that we're equally matched? That also goes with the "fight or flight" thing. I was feeling proud of myself as she was forced to her tippy toes in pain when suddenly there was a burst of pain between my legs! The bitch had kicked me between my legs like I had done to her!!

Becca released our hand grips and I had no choice but to fall to my knees. I couldn't believe the pain I was feeling from her low blow kick!! But what happened next was where the tide turned against me in this match.

As I groaned in pain on my knees in front of the blond I felt her hands on my head … then a sharp burst of pain shot through my head! She had slammed her knee into my forehead!!

I fell back in a daze and felt her pulling me to the center of the ring. She laid over me and trapped my head in between her thighs. I could feel the pressure increasing as I was regaining my senses from the knee smash to my forehead so I desperately reached up and grabbed her hair. She let out a little squeal when I pulled her head back but I felt her thighs tighten and had to let go. 

What happened next is something that I'll try my best to describe … because it was a hold that I'll always remember. I felt humiliated, helpless, and scared all at the same time!

I honestly didn't know what was happening but I could see her repositioning her scissor hold on my neck. My head was forced upward as one of her legs came behind it. Then I could see her hand reaching back as my chin was forced deep into her butt!

At this point I knew I was helpless like an animal caught in the tightening grip of a snake. I could see her pulling up on her own foot and as she pulled, the pressure got more intense!

It wasn't any special spot on my neck or ears that I felt her grip. How can I describe this? My entire head was feeling a slow pressure. My face started to feel warm. I can't say that I was in any sharp pain. In fact, it felt like there were two pillows around my head … but pillows that seemed to get harder and harder, creating an intense pressure around my head!

I remember that I had my hands on her legs and at first, could feel the softness of her thighs. But as the pressure increased, the softness hardened! Then the worst part of this hold started …

My vision got blurry and I started seeing little spots. Yeah, they say you "see stars". Well, it's true. Those spots got bigger and bigger!

It was at this point that I suddenly realized that I was going to lose this match!! The sensations of being knocked out were suddenly combined with the humiliation … no, SADNESS … that the blond was going to be doing a victory pose over me! I knew I was going to be knocked out but I couldn't bear the humiliation of her being better than me!

But at that point everything went blank. My body succumbed to her power. I was the loser.

I was shown the photos after I recovered and saw how she lifted my hand three times to make sure I was out. Then how she sat down on me in a humiliating school girl pin victory pose.

I also saw how she left me in the ring … making sure that she did her sexiest exit from the ring and shaking her butt as she went through the curtain.

I lost. I accept that. But one day I'll get even!!