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The Secret Weapon

Ryan has been taken captive by Becca and is wrapped in the ropes, kneeling, facing out, unconscious.  Becca, outside the ring, addresses the camera: it seems she’s searching for a secret weapon and only Ryan knows its whereabouts…but she isn’t talking.  Ryan is resuscitated by claws and punches to her toned midsection then tossed into the ring for more punishment. Becca applies a leg nelson that has Ryan thrashing and howling in protest then follows it with creative holds that allow her to maul poor Ryan’s exposed belly. The blond soon puts Ryan in a sleeper hold but Ryan fights her way out, retaliating with a tight head scissors that knocks Becca out cold!  Ryan then produces the secret weapon … a black “power-glove,” a fingerless, unassuming glove that enhances the wearer’s strength and delivers powerful blows and claw holds … and Ryan is eager to take it for a test drive. Becca endures a gauntlet of brutal belly abuse against the ropes, stuffed in the corner, or stretched in a body-bending submission holds. Cocky and cruel, Ryan savors the pain she inflicts, finally using the glove to knock Becca out cold with a choke before wrapping the vet in a grapevine pin, concluding the match.  Ryan strikes a pose over her vanquished opponent enjoying her new secret weapon! The belly punches in this custom video are meant to be sustained, fist pressing types of punishment and are definitely sexy to see!

The Secret Weapon - 01Click here for our video teaser!The Secret Weapon - 01The Secret Weapon - 02The Secret Weapon - 03The Secret Weapon - 04The Secret Weapon - 05The Secret Weapon - 06The Secret Weapon - 07The Secret Weapon - 08The Secret Weapon - 09The Secret Weapon - 10The Secret Weapon - 11The Secret Weapon - 12The Secret Weapon - 13The Secret Weapon - 14The Secret Weapon - 15The Secret Weapon - 16The Secret Weapon - 17The Secret Weapon - 18The Secret Weapon - 19The Secret Weapon - 20

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