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The Humiliation Factor: Part One

How do I win so many wrestling matches? Even when I'm smaller than my opponents? I call it "The Humiliation Factor"!


I love to get inside the head of my opponent ... especially when she's taller than me! I get in REAL close and give her my "bad ass" look and love watching her squirm. She doesn't know what I've got planned for her and because of my tactic, isn't able to keep her focus. She's only thinking "What could she do to me? Will it hurt? Can I handle what she might do to me? Am I strong enough to fight this girl? Does she know more about wrestling than I do?" And I know that I've got experience. I can use my body to TOTALLY dominate this girl and I'm able to think ahead! When I've got a girl in a wrestling hold I'm thinking about what I'll be doing next! That's my strategy, my POWER!


When the bell rings I start moving. Not directly to the girl, but along the ropes. She doesn't know what to do and it gets into her head! Should she rush me? Should she avoid me? Usually the girl will move in the opposite direction ... which is exactly what I want her to do. It keeps her off balance, not knowing what I'll do next.


I always jump into the shoulder and elbow lock-up. It makes them think that they've got an equal chance against me. But rookies ALWAYS think that this is a "push and shove" move. They try to show that they're stronger than me by pushing on me. But when they push I use their own momentum against them and knock one arm away, making them fall into my headlock!

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