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That's My Bikini!

Are you ready for some more girl/girl boxing?

Lovely Becca is stretching in the ring when Leelu enters and accuses her of stealing her bikini. A short squabble ensues and Becca punches Leelu, then pulls out the boxing gloves and challenges the stunned girl to a boxing match. "I'll tell you what ... how 'bout we fight for it?" the bikini clad beauty says to Leelu. They square off and trade a few punches. But Becca is the stronger girl and takes control knocking Leelu down several times. She works Leelu over in the corner, on the ropes, and in the ring keeping her opponent in a constant punch drunk state. Poor Leelu is cross-eyed and slack-jawed for most of the fight and Becca pounds her pretty face with her big boxing gloves. A final chin slamming uppercut puts little Leelu down and out as Becca takes the victory ... and the bikini!

That's My Bikini! - 01Click here for our video teaser!That's My Bikini! - 01That's My Bikini! - 02That's My Bikini! - 03That's My Bikini! - 04That's My Bikini! - 05That's My Bikini! - 06That's My Bikini! - 07That's My Bikini! - 08That's My Bikini! - 09That's My Bikini! - 10That's My Bikini! - 11That's My Bikini! - 12That's My Bikini! - 13That's My Bikini! - 14That's My Bikini! - 15That's My Bikini! - 16That's My Bikini! - 17That's My Bikini! - 18That's My Bikini! - 19That's My Bikini! - 20

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